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How To Make $100,000 A YearSo Here’s The Deal…

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and small business owner.  I created this site in 2007 to show you how to achieve major success with your own contracting or service business. This is your comprehensive resource for guidance and information that will help you to dominate your local market, regardless of your specific trade or service.  I don’t care what your background or education is – if you’re willing to learn and have a work ethic then I can point you in the direction of major success.

I Walk The Walk…

I’m not one of those blow-hard gurus that has zero actual experience when it comes to real-world business success.  I started and grew my own home services business, then exited profitably when the time was right for me.  But I’ll be honest with you – when I started my business I was a man without a clue.  I didn’t know how to get going, I didn’t know how to market, and my people skills were terrible, but I had the one thing that matters most if you’re going to be your own boss: DRIVE.  I worked, I pushed, and I improved.  I took every setback and every mistake and used it as a way to grow and learn.  Eventually my persistence paid off.  Now you have the opportunity to skip a lot of the mistakes I made so you can jump-start your own business.  This site is my little way of giving back and providing some level of encouragement in an industry that can, at times, be downright brutal.  I truly hope that my experience and insights will prove valuable to you on your path to becoming a successful contractor.




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